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Curious Careers

Girl watching a webinar
Girl watching a webinar


1 p.m. EDT
Who should attend?
6, 7, 8

Curious Careers is a STEM career exploration series for Grades 6-8. Once a month, panellists, including post-secondary students and industry professionals, will get together virtually to share their career journey in STEM and discuss how it relates to the lives and interests of the youth. Each session will focus on a different theme and will aim to explore exciting and diverse STEM fields, share what it looks like to work or study in STEM, and show students how STEM careers can be fun and inspiring.

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March 24, 1 p.m. ET: Engineering Geniuses

Join us at Curious Careers to celebrate National Engineering Month! Engineering is a pillar of STEM careers and is more diverse than you might think. From computer and civil engineering to more specialized fields such as aerospace and biomedical, engineering careers are wide-ranging and are crucial to society. Join us to discover engineering career options and learn what it takes to follow your passion.

April 21, 1 p.m. ET: The Environment and Us

Join us at Curious Careers to celebrate Earth Day 2022! From natural resources to recreational activities, our natural environment gives us so much – including many career opportunities. Discover some of the careers that not only depend on a healthy environment but also help make Earth a better place.

May 19, 1 p.m. ET: Science Communication

With all kinds of information readily available in the palm of our hands, having access to accurate scientific information has never been more important. Join us to learn about the dangers of misinformation and the importance of making evidence-based decisions. Discover inspiring science communication careers as we speak to the people making sure that science is accessible to everyone.

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