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Curious Careers

Teens watch video on laptop
Teens watch video on laptop
Starting February 16 in English and 23rd in French: 1.00 PM ET
Who should attend?
6, 7, 8

Curious Careers is a STEM career exploration series of monthly events for Grade 6-7-8 youths. The program will include a panel discussion where post-secondary students and industry professionals will discuss their experiences working and studying in STEM. Each session will focus on a different theme and will aim to explore exciting and diverse STEM fields, share what it looks like to work or study in STEM, and discover what future STEM careers might look like. The series will also include optional follow-up, in-class activities for students to reflect on their skills and interests, and start contemplating their future.


February 16: STEM in Motion

Ever dreamed about a career in sports? Active jobs aren’t limited to athletes, and neither are careers in sports. From mechanic to electrician, arborist, commercial diver, massage therapist, or nurse, many jobs keep us in motion.  STEM can also help us harness our abilities and appreciate what’s happening when we play or watch our favorite sports, through understanding the physics and data science of sports. Join us for this session of Curious Careers to learn about sporting STEM careers, and from panelists who stay in motion while learning and working in their fields. Let’s learn about the science of sport and play.


March 23: Food for Thought

Where’s the science in a bowl of soup or an ice cream scoop? Have you ever wondered: How do our bodies use the food we eat, and how can science help optimize your nutrition and health? What happens when a chemist, an engineer and a mathematician walk into a kitchen? What’s the future of food? Join us for this session of Curious Careers to learn about the science behind sustenance and our food systems, explore careers in nutrition and food, and hear from folks working on the latest in the field. Bring your appetite for learning, explore a menu of food-related careers, and see what our panelists are cooking up.


April 5: What Comes Out In The Wash: Learning about Water and Climate Change

Water and climate change are tightly linked. Extreme, unpredictable weather events and rising global temperatures caused by climate change can lead to flooding, droughts and water pollution. However, sustainable water management can help us build more resilient societies and ecosystems while reducing carbon emissions. Join us for this session of Curious Careers to learn about how green careers can help combat water pollution and climate change, and protect water sources.

For this special edition of Curious Careers during Earth Month, educators will have the opportunity to participate in a bonus, connected co-learning event with their students through a LIVE STEM Broadcast exploring the impact of water usage and pollution throughout our clothing systems. This career panel will also expand on a career wonder from the Broadcast by providing opportunities for educators to extend student learning about green careers.

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May 11: Amazing Animals

The animal world is vast, wonderful, and full of STEM. Biologists study animals and ecosystems to learn about biodiversity and adaptation, while conservationists work to protect species and their habitats. From veterinarian to dairy scientist, from animal trainer to wildlife documentary filmmaker, there are many animal-related jobs.  Please join us for this session of Curious Careers to hear from those who study, work with, and care for animals, and who have turned their curiosity about the animal world into a career.


June 8: Creators, Designers and Dreamers: Creativity in STEM Careers

People in STEM use creativity everyday to ask and explore questions, to imagine novel connections between things, to innovate and improve their creations, and to find ways to share their work.  Meanwhile, technology increasingly enhances and facilitates our experience of art and entertainment, from VR and gaming, to interactive digital art installations.  In venues like festivals, theatres and museums, art and performance can engage public audiences with science in brilliant ways.  Please join us for this panel where we will explore creative careers in STEM, and the intersection of science and art.

If you are interested but are unable to attend live, please register as all registrants will automatically receive information on how to access the recording following the live event. Automatically generated closed captioning will be provided for live and recorded webinars.


Curious Careers is also available in French! 

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