Division 2 STEM Collaborative Community

Group of educators meeting at a Let’s Talk Science digital literacy summit in Calgary

Foundations for the Future Charter Academy - Learning Centre
110 - 7000 Railway Street SE
Calgary AB T2H 3A8

Professional Learning
4, 5, 6
Who should attend?


Join our STEM Collaborative Community (grades 4-6) where we will explore numeracy connections through the lens of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Participants in this collaborative community will take part in curriculum-aligned, hands-on learning experiences and gain access to resources and activities they can use immediately in their classrooms. 

Our collaborative community will meet for 4 evenings throughout the school year with a different focus for each night. We will examine, explore and talk about;

  • SCIENCE inquiries that promote students’ abilities to observe, sort & classify, compare and contrast and create fair tests all while naming and emphasizing the numeracy concepts;
  • TECHNOLOGY as we learn how we can support students’ abilities to use logic, algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition, critical thinking, problem-solving, managing information, communication and collaboration through the exploration of block-based coding using Micro:bits;
  • ENGINEERING through the participation in the Design and Build process using numeracy to provide context and focus; and,
  • MATH as it relates to mental math and perseverance as a way to increase students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills.