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LTS Challenge

Let's Talk Science Challenge 2023

Sentence saying "Are your students up for the Challenge" on a yellow and blue background with the Let's Talk Science Challenge logo.
Sentence saying "Are your students up for the Challenge" on a yellow and blue background with the Let's Talk Science Challenge logo.


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Who should attend?
6, 7, 8

The Let’s Talk Science Challenge provides a unique, stimulating and fun way to experience STEM for participants across Canada through a combination of enrichment activities and a competitive team-based event. All the Let’s Talk Science Challenge activities and resources are offered in French and English.

The Let’s Talk Science Challenge begins in February with the Build & Learn Practice Activities - ten weeks of preparatory activities that help students build study and research skills and practice designing solutions to real-world problems, presenting their work to others and working collaboratively in teams. Students can work in teams or individually to learn from the Study Handbook, test their knowledge in Weekly Quizzes, and try the Design and Build Challenges. The Build & Learn Practice Activities are designed to be ready to use by educators. Any adult can act as a facilitator and they require very little preparation.

The Let's Talk Science Challenge ends with the Grand Finale, a competition that takes place in the spring of each year. It includes the Ultimate Quiz, the Final Engineering Challenge, and the Lorna Collins Spirit Award. This variety of activities allows students to show off their knowledge of STEM theory, hands-on skills, and team spirit. This year we are delighted to announce the return of some in-person locations hosting the Grand Finale in addition to the virtual events.

To learn more about the Let's Talk Science Challenge in general, visit our FAQ page. For information about the 2023 edition specifically, see below.

About the 2023 edition

The Let’s Talk Science Challenge 2023 starts officially on February 1st with the release of the educators' and students’ preparatory material, which includes the Study Handbook.

Build & Learn Practice Activities

This year, educators can facilitate the activities themselves with the material provided or participate in the activities led virtually by Let’s Talk Science volunteers across the country. The Let’s Talk Science facilitated activities start on Monday, February 6 and last until Friday, April 14 and will follow the topic schedule below:


Topics Schedule


 Our Let's Talk Science Volunteers will offer virtual Weekly Quizzes on the specific topic covered multiple times throughout the week to accommodate different schedules and time zones. We are still working on the 2023 schedule. Asynchronous recorded versions will also be available. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know at

Grand Finale Events

We are happy to announce that the Let’s Talk Science Challenge 2023 Grand Finale events will return to in-person at the following locations:

  • McGill University (Montréal, QC)
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John’s, NL) - April 26, 2023
  • University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) - May 5, 2023
  • University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, AL)
  • University of Ottawa and Carleton University (Ottawa, ON) - April 27, 2023 - Sold Out
  • University of Toronto - St. George Campus (Toronto, ON) - Sold Out
  • University of Windsor (Windsor, ON) - April 27, 2023

More details, such as dates and precise locations, will be added as soon as they are confirmed.

All Grand Finale in-person events will occur between April 24 and June 6th.

In addition to the in-person events, the Grand Finale components will be offered virtually based on the following schedule.

  • Final Engineering Challenge and Lorna Collins Spirit Award: April 16 to May 7th
  • Ultimate Quiz:
    • Tuesday, May 16 from 9:30 to 11:30 am (ET)/6:30 to 8:30 am (PT)
    • Wednesday, May 24 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm (ET)/2:00 to 4:00 pm (PT) * Dependent on enrollment
    • Thursday, May 25 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm (ET)/10:00 to 12:00 pm (PT)
    • Asynchronous starts on May 29 until June 6

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