LIVE Code with Let's Talk Science - 4-6 Broadcast (Testing and Evaluating)

Let’s Talk Science educator works with students during a live broadcast in Saskatchewan

1:15pm - 2:00pm CST

Funded by Our Donors - No Cost
Professional Learning
Self-guided learning
4, 5, 6
Who should attend?


During the 2019-20 school year, Let's Talk Science and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education will be presenting a series of live broadcasts to classrooms across Canada.

During these co-learning broadcasts, a Let’s Talk Science facilitator will lead educators and their students through engaging, interactive activities designed to introduce and reinforce computational thinking concepts and skills. There will be broadcasts tailored to educators and students in two separate audiences: kindergarten to grade 3 and grade 4 to 6.

By registering for these broadcasts, educators will receive access to an online teacher guide that includes information on how to join the broadcasts, a list of the activities and materials required to participate in the activities, follow-up extension activities and the link required to watch the broadcast live with their students. A recording of the broadcast will also be made available to watch on-demand where participation in the live broadcast is not possible.

Professional online discussions will be held with participating educators at various times throughout the year. Participation in these online discussions is not mandatory. The intent is to provide a forum in which to explore and discuss the content of the broadcasts as well as to help educators explore and deepen their understanding of computational thinking.

The activities presented in this broadcast will focus on the development of the computational thinking skill of testing and evaluating. Testing involves trying something and observing what happens whereas evaluation utilizes critical thinking and judgement to determine if a set of criteria are met.