STEM Storytime – Forces and Motion



1:00pm EDT
Who should attend?
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Join Let's Talk Science Outreach to read Kimberly Bradley's book, "Forces Make Things Move" and complete a hands-on science activity about forces and motion!

In this activity, students will explore how applying more force will make an object go farther using everyday household objects. Students will be creating their very own marshmallow launchers.

For this activity, students will need:
-Disposable cup with the bottom already cut out. An empty toilet paper roll could also be used instead
-Tape (duct tape or masking tape preferred)
-Something small and light to launch, like mini marshmallows, pom-poms, or pieces of a sponge

Note that younger students may need additional help with some of the steps, such as those involving scissors.

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