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STEM Storytime - Winter Special

Child reading interesting book to his friend snowman at the backyard
Child reading interesting book to his friend snowman at the backyard
Weekly, starting January 31, 2023, 11.00 AM ET
Who should attend?
Early Years, K, 1, 2, 3

Join us for the STEM Storytime Winter Special!
For four weeks, we will be hosting an EXTRA Storytime session when a volunteer will read a storybook and lead youth participants through a hands-on STEM activity connected to the story. STEM Storytime – Winter Special is ideal for busy educators and caregivers, no matter what their learning environment looks like, and is intended for children in Early Years to Grade 3.

STEM Storytime – Winter Specials are also available in French! Learn more about STEM Storytime – Winter Special in French.

Apply for FREE materials!

STEM Storytime – Winter Special is available to schools and educators across Canada, and special accommodations will be made for several schools in need. These schools will be provided with all materials to participate in 4 weeks of activities, sent by mail at no cost! Any school is invited to apply in advance by filling out the registration form here.

The first 150 eligible classes or groups to apply for materials will receive a gift card to purchase a set of storybooks for the youth participants to keep!


During STEM Storytime – Winter Special, activities are offered in English and French each week.

English Sessions
Sign-up for all Tuesday sessions at 11:00 am ET, beginning on January 31, 2023

French Sessions
Sign-up fo all Thursday sessions at 1:00 pm ET, beginning on February 2, 2023


Here is the schedule of activities for the Winter Special Series:

1) Math Fortune Teller (January 31)
Curriculum link:
Book - Pete the Cat's got Class by James Dean
Materials (for each student):

  • Let's Talk Science Fortune Teller Template
  • Scissors

2) Constellation Viewers (February 7)
Curriculum link:
Book - For Laika, the Dog who Learned the Name of the Stars by Kai Cheng Thom
Materials (for each student):

  • Let's Talk Science Constellation Template
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Push Pins
  • Tape

3) Binary Bracelets (February 14)
Curriculum link: Digital Literacy 
Book -  Adi Sorts with Variables by Caroline Karanja
Materials (for each student):

  • Let's Talk Science Binary Bracelets template
  • 2 different colors of straws (e.g., Black x1, White x2)
  • 1ft string
  • Scissors
  • Writing utensils (e.g., pencil, crayon)

4) Water Filter (February 21)
Curriculum link: Climate
Book - Nibi's Water Song by Sunshine Tenasco
Materials (for each student):

  • Let's Talk Science Think, Design, Invent! Template
  • Water (cold)
  • Paper Cups (x2)
  • Coffee filter
  • Writing Ustensils (e.g., pencil, crayon)
  • Natural Materials (e.g., soil, sand, moss, leaves, etc.)
  • Filter Materials (e.g., paper towel, cloth, etc.)

Missed the start date? Don’t worry; you can sign up for a cohort anytime!

Activities are flexible and can be done from anywhere at any time by joining the live webinars or watching the session recordings. Recordings will be emailed to all registrants after each session. Zoom generated closed captioning will be provided for live and recorded webinars.


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