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StemCellTalks London

Stem Cells
Stem Cells
11:00 to 3:00 pm EDT
Who should attend?
11, 12

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StemCellTalks is an outreach initiative presented in collaboration with the Stem Cell Network and Let's Talk Science. These symposiums are presented across Canada. The goal of StemCellTalks is to provide an interactive and memorable environment for Grade 11-12 students to learn about basic stem cell biology, the clinical potential/limitations of these cells and the practical ethics involved with the use of stem cells for clinical applications.

During these events, you will be joined by senior scientists, ethicists, clinicians, and graduate students who are experts in the fields of stem cell and regenerative medicine. These experts will lead you in engaging discussions during the talks, games, breakout activities, and knowledge-sharing sessions. Students will have the chance to engage with expert researchers in the field of stem cell biology, bioethics and law. 

This year's StemCellTalks London theme is Stem Cell Therapies for Vision Loss.


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