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Summer Daily Discovery Series 2023

Children looking through magnifying glass
Children looking through magnifying glass


Who should attend?
4, 5, 6

This summer, Let’s Talk Science is inviting children aged 9-11 years old (Grades 4-6) to spend time getting out of their seats, exploring their surroundings, and discovering the amazing world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) during the Summer Daily Discovery series.  

Join us for a video series featuring short daily activity videos and a new theme each week. These activities are hands-on and designed to be done at home, outside, or with family and friends using easy-to-find materials. Hosted by STEM mentors from colleges and universities across Canada, The Daily Discovery Series encourages children to be the innovators of tomorrow from the comfort of home.  

Note: while these activities are geared toward families, classes and community groups are also welcome to participate.  

Each day, participants will receive an email with a video demonstration and description of a fun, hands-on STEM activity for them to do at home. There are no live sessions to join, so you can watch the video and complete the activities whenever is most convenient for you. Material lists will be shared with you by email one week in advance of your session.  

Weekly Themes
Register for as many or as few weeks as you like!

  • Week 1: Under the Sea (Ocean Sciences - July 3 to 7) 
    Come sail the seas with us as we discover the wonders of our oceans and why they’re important! 
  • Week 2: What Came Before Us (The Past- July 10 to 14) 
    It is important to investigate the past to understand the present. From fossils to dinosaurs, archaeology to time capsules, join us in uncovering the past! 
  • Week 3: How the Body Works (Human biology - July 17 to 21) 
    Let’s explore the machine that is the human body and how we experience the world around us! 
  • Week 4: Passport to Space (Space – July 24 to 28) 
    Join us for a journey beyond Earth’s atmosphere and dive deep into the mysteries the universe is holding. 
  • Week 5: Exploring the Digital World (Digital Literacy – July 31 to August 4) 
    This week we'll be learning about the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to navigate a digital world through fun and easy hands-on activities. No experience or special technology required!  
  • Week 6: Making the World a Better Place (Climate Action - August 7 to 11) 
    Explore the implications that a changing climate is having on the planet along with some actions we can take. Together, we can make the world a better place! PLUS you can extend the learning even further with our FREE digital climate book! Learn more,

Register today!

Note: If your child is slightly older or younger than the age range, they are still welcome to participate.

Do you want to participate in French? 

Nous offrons cette série de découvertes du jour en français également. Vous pouvez vous inscrire ici : Découverte du jour - Inscription

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