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Summer STEM Club 2023

Shot of little girls experimenting in garden, with a girl adding cola in a big glass flask
Shot of little girls experimenting in garden, with a girl adding cola in a big glass flask
Who should attend?
6, 7, 8

Join us for fun hands-on STEM activities with the Summer STEM Club!  

STEM Club offers free, hands-on activities to organizations supporting equity-deserving youth. Activities are intended for youth aged 8-12 and can be modified for different ages and abilities.  

Each educational kit contains enough materials for 30 youth participants to take part in 6 hands-on activities designed by Let’s Talk Science. Activities are intended for youth aged 8 to 12.  Activities include: 

1) Pixel Art Coding 

2) Superplants 

3) Climate Inventors 

4) Control a Robotic Friend 

5) Chromatography Art 

6) Brain Hats 


Bonus Unplugged Digital Literacy Kit: Successful applicants will receive a bonus unplugged digital literacy kit for each STEM Club kit requested. Each unplugged digital literacy kit contains 30 Rubik’s Cubes plus instructions and a facilitation video. Rubik’s Cubes were generously provided by Spin Master. 

Spinmaster and Rubik's logos


Click here to request materials for the summer STEM Club: Summer STEM Club Registration 

This form allows Canadian schools, organizations or community groups working with equity-deserving youth to request a box containing all the consumable activity materials (e.g., paper, markers, tape, etc.) and printed materials to complete 6 hands-on activities, at no cost to them. Please note, materials are limited and this application does not guarantee the receipt of materials. Materials will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis for youth in need. 


Summer STEM Club FAQs  

What is the cost? 
STEM Club is offered free of charge for organizations supporting equity-deserving youth (this includes economically and geographically underserved areas or minority language groups).  

How do I facilitate the activities?  
Kits will include instruction sheets and a USB drive with prerecorded videos of a Let’s Talk Science staff member facilitating each activity. These activities are stand-alone and can be completed whenever works best for your program.  

What languages will be offered?  
All activities and recordings are offered in both French and English.  

When will I receive the materials?  
Materials will begin shipping in early to mid-June. Each kit will contain materials to complete 6 activities with up to 30 youth. You are welcome to request multiple kits.  

What materials do I need to provide?  
Additional materials that you will provide are craft supplies such as scissors, tape, and pencils. 

Is there a minimum group size?  
Each kit contains materials for up to 30 youth to participate in all of the activities. Kit requests for groups over 20 youth will be prioritized. 

How will I know if my application was successful? 
You will receive a follow-up email within 2 weeks of your application to notify you of the outcome of your request. 

How do I sign up?  
Fill out the registration form here 


Materials are provided on a first-come-first-served basis for organizations supporting equity-deserving youth. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but materials are limited.  


Thanks to our Visionary Donors
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