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Dr. Lisa Lunney Borden

Learning from Mi’kmaw Elders: Stories of mathematics teaching and learning in Mi’kma’ki


In this session Dr. Borden will share stories from her research and teaching life that have been influenced by the knowledge learned from time spent alongside Elders and knowledge keepers within the Mi’kmaw community in Mi’kma’ki or what we now call Nova Scotia. Through a series of moments, she will share how her philosophy for decolonizing mathematics education has been shaped and how this in turn shapes her mathematics teaching.

School children exploring insects

STEM Storytime – Insects


Join Let's Talk Science Outreach to read Cathryn Sill's book, "About Insects" and complete a hands-on science activity about insects and caterpillars!

In this activity, students will learn about insects and their large biodiversity. They will use everyday materials to make caterpillars and "feed" them and watch them grow!

For this activity, students will need:

Robotics components

Discovering your impact in a Technological World

Environmental concerns such as climate change, a growing e-waste problem and environmental degradation are affecting our world. Technology can likely be both helpful and problematic when it comes to addressing these concerns. You can play a key role in helping students develop the thinking strategies they need to make sustainable choices about the consumption and creation of technology.
Girls in science

Girls in Science

 Girls in Science is a FREE day-long symposium-style event hosted by the University of Manitoba for Grade 7 and 8 girls that aims to make STEM more accessible!
Multiple Stem cells

StemCellTalks Toronto

Join the StemCellTalk Toronto team for a full-day symposium that will introduce students to stem cells, then show them how different scientists work with stem cells - from basic research to industry and clinical applications. It’s an opportunity to see the application of science from start to finish.
Field of crops

Let’s Talk Food

Food connects us all. As the global population grows, so does the need for food and ‘sustainable agriculture.’ What is sustainable agriculture? What is the role of science in ensuring food security in a changing climate and finite environment? Join us to learn about the practice, implementation, and future of food security on a global scale.
Climate change - tree in drought and in ideal conditions

Let's Talk Climate Change

Have you ever felt bad about climate change but did not know what to do? Join us on this Zoom Webinar, on May 16, 2023, 9 am to 11 am PST, to hear how students grades 9-12 have been taking action! Additionally, learn about how art can empower Indigenous climate change activism!
Stem Cells

StemCellTalks London

The StemCellTalks London team is excited to welcome students, teachers, and other members to a half-day symposium that will allow youth to explore the world of stem cell reprogramming by connecting them with like-minded students and experts through a series of interactive workshops and speaker events.
Two boys in the forest

Uncover Problem Solving Through Outdoor Play

Children love to play outside in the natural environment. By utilizing the natural inclinations of young children to explore and by encouraging problem-solving skills, educators can move students’ thinking forward.
Stem Cells

StemCellTalks Vancouver

Grade 10 to 12 students are invited to join the StemCellTalks Vancouver team for a free in-person symposium about how stem cell bioengineering revolutionizes regenerative medicine.
Stem Cells

StemCellTalks Guelph

Join the StemCellTalks Guelph team for a full-day symposium that will teach youth about the potential of stem cell therapies and show them what it might be like to be an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph.
Stem cells

StemCellTalks Calgary

Join the StemCellTalks Calgary team for a full-day and highly interactive symposium that will focus on the facts, the fiction, and the future of stem cells. Make sure to register by April 21st!
Computers and sound equipment set up for broadcast

National STEM Projects

Engage your students in real science

Natural curiosity and the thrill of discovery engages participants in Let’s Talk Science’s national science projects. Available for all grade levels, these projects are based on real scientific problems.

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Educators working together at the Vancouver digital literacy summit

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Our volunteers are catalysts for learning

Our trained and enthusiastic Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers pass on their passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to Canada’s future citizens.

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