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On-Demand Professional Learning Webinars

Discover our on-demand professional learning webinars today! Explore a variety of topics, including computational thinking, inquiry-based learning, and design thinking. Available in English and French.
Live STEM in a classroom

LIVE STEM | K-6 broadcast

Co-learning broadcasts for K-3 and Grade 4-6 have been tailored to complement Tomatosphere™, an out-of-this-world science experiment that investigates the effects of space on the germination of tomato seeds.
Live STEM broadcast

LIVE STEM | 7-9 broadcast

Grade 7-9 broadcasts have been tailored to complement the Clothing4Climate action project which aims to teach students about climate change through the lens of clothing.

Exploring Outdoors: Discovering Math in Nature

Join us for an exciting webinar to explore examples of mathematics in our natural world. Build your confidence by exploring geometric shapes, common patterns, symmetry and tessellations in nature.
Kick-off to Coding: Coding Unplugged

Kick-off to Coding: Coding Unplugged

Unplugged coding activities provide students the opportunity to learn the basics of programming while developing computational skills like algorithmic thinking, debugging and testing.
Sean Lessard

Coffee and a Keynote with Sean Lessard: Bubbling up...

Explore the role of Indigenous Ways of Knowing within the classroom while learning about the importance of building strong relationships with the youth we teach, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Makerspace Mindset

Makerspace Mindset; Designing and Building Solutions in Any Space

Learn how integrating the Design and Build process, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, can provide a supportive framework for Makerspaces or similar classroom/virtual spaces.

Begin the Design and Build Journey: Discover Camouflaged Creatures

This session will introduce educators to the design and build process using contextual problem solving as students work to design and build a camouflaged creature.
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National STEM Projects

Engage your students in real science

Natural curiosity and the thrill of discovery engages participants in Let’s Talk Science’s national science projects. Available for all grade levels, these projects are based on real scientific problems.

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Request a Volunteer

Our volunteers are catalysts for learning

Our trained and enthusiastic Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers pass on their passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to Canada’s future citizens.

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