Our Supporters

Gift Acceptance Policy

Let’s Talk Science solicits and accepts gifts for the purposes of advancing and fulfilling our mission.


Let’s Talk Science is a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency. The registered charitable number is 88540 0846 RR0001. This policy applies to donations received through all fundraising activities of Let’s Talk Science.

Eligible Gifts

Donations will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government, government agencies or other entities. Let’s Talk Science will accept donations of cash, publicly traded securities, gifts-in-kind, life insurance and bequests.

Gifts of Securities

All the stocks and securities received from the donors will be sold upon completion of the stock transfer without exception.



Proposed gifts-in-kind shall be reviewed by the Vice-President, External Relations and Manager, Finance and Administration to determine fit with the mission and fair market value.

Gifts of Property

Gifts of property are not encouraged and will be reviewed to ensure that acceptance will not be subject to regulatory restrictions or create financial commitments in excess of budgeted items or other obligations disproportionate to the use of the gift.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Let’s Talk Science will accept gifts of life insurance where Let’s Talk Science is named as both beneficiary and irrevocable owner of the insurance policy. The donor must agree to pay, before due, any future premium payments owing to the policy and any consent required by provincial regulations to change a beneficiary must be signed before the transfer will represent a valid charitable donation.



Donors are encouraged to make bequests to Let’s Talk Science. Let’s Talk Science requires a copy of documents naming Let’s Talk Science as a beneficiary for our files prior to a tax receipt being issued to the estate of the deceased.

Geographic Scope

Let’s Talk Science is a registered charity in Canada and receipts can be used for tax purposes for Canadian income tax filing. Let’s Talk Science also accepts donations from outside Canada.



As a matter of principle, we engage in the following practices:

  • Gifts to Let’s Talk Science will support the mission, vision, essential values and long-term direction of the charity.
  • Let’s Talk Science holds accountability to donors to the highest standard.
  • Let’s Talk Science will not accept gifts that are not recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency or violate federal, provincial or municipal laws.
  • Let’s Talk Science will not accept gifts, enter into partnerships or accept support that will compromise its commitment to its mission and essential values.
  • Let’s Talk Science will protect its integrity, autonomy and funding freedom, and does not accept gifts when a condition of such acceptance would compromise these fundamental principles.
  • Let’s Talk Science reserves the right to accept or decline any gift at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Donations to Let’s Talk Science in no way influence the content of our programs and resources.
  • Acceptance of a gift by Let’s Talk Science does not on its own convey or imply endorsement of any or all of a donor’s products or activities.