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Vehicular Safety

Diya Isac

Diya Isac (she/her)

Software Lead - Vehicle Motion Embedded Controls Team

I give technical guidance to develop software for features that make the car move and stop.
Peter Yap

Peter Yap

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Yap is a Senior Software Engineer for General Motors Canada.
Road construction in winter

Heavy Equipment in Winter

Learn how people keep heavy equipment working in the most challenging conditions

Robin Lee Sheffield | Officier du génie des systèmes de combat naval

Robin Lee Sheffield

Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer

Robin Lee Sheffield is a Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Royal Canadian Navy.
Spil Vass | Opérateur de flotte

Spil Vass

Fleet Operator

Spil Vass is a Fleet Operator for Fednav Limited, located in Quebec.
Hubert Tong | Officier technique adjoint de la flotte

Hubert Tong

Deputy Fleet Technical Officer, Canadian Fleet Atlantic

Hubert Tong is the Deputy Fleet Technical Officer, Canadian Fleet Atlantic for the Royal Canadian Navy.
Blair Hampel | Opérateur - contrôle aérospatial

Blair Hampel

Aerospace Control Operator

Blair Hampel is an Aerospace Control Operator for the Canadian Armed Forces.
Alexis Dorais | Analyste en télédétection

Alexis Dorais

Remote Sensing Analyst

Alexis Dorais is a Remote Sensing Analyst for Enfotec Technical Services Inc.
Michael Greene | Gestionnaire de secteur, Garde côtière canadienne

Michael Greene

Area Manager

Michael Greene is the Area Manager for the Electronics and Informatic Systems branch of the Canadian Coast Guard.