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Information and Communication Technologies

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What is the Internet of Things?

Learn about the Internet of Things and how it works.

Peter Vlasveld headshot

Peter Vlasveld

Intermediate Software Developer

I write backend code for web apps that help in Cyclica's drug discovery efforts.
Steven Ryan derrière un bureau debout avec son ordinateur portable

Steven Ryan

Creative Director

Steven Ryan is a creative director with a design and marketing communications firm.
Sarah Raddatz

Sarah Raddatz

Structural Designer

I use software to create building models in 3D and 2D formats to make plans before the construction of the project.
Ali Nematollahi

Ali Nematollahi

Technology Team Manager

Ali Nematollahi is a Technology Team Manager for 4Refuel, A Finning Industrial Service.
Photo de Dominic Vogel

Dominic Vogel

Founder and Chief Strategist

Dominic Vogel is the Founder and Chief Strategist of
Carron McCabe

Carron McCabe

Program Director, PEI

Carron McCabe is the Program Director of PEI for Brilliant Labs.
Auto-portrait de Troy Pollett

R. Troy Pollett

Director – Security Audit & Risk Management

R. Troy Pollett is the Director of Security Audit & Risk Management for Verafin.
Alex Gillis | Directeur général, Catalyst

Alex Gillis

Executive Director

Alex Gillis is an executive director with Catalyst in British Columbia.