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Grades 9-10

Biology Volunteer Activities

Monster Mash

Students will classify species of monsters using a creature dichotomous key.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Animal Adaptations

Students have the opportunity explore different ways that animals insulate themselves to stay warm in winter by testing different insulating materials in ice cold water (e.g., fur, cotton balls, foil, thermal sock, etc.).

Biology Volunteer Activities

Food Web Jenga

Students will learn about food chains and trophic levels, and then gain an appreciation for the complexity and interconnectedness of ecosystems and how food chains are affected by environmental events using a game of Jenga with colour-coded blocks.

Health Sciences Volunteer Activities

Viral Vaccines SARS-CoV-2

Students learn about pandemics, coronaviruses and vaccines and then design a vaccine using information on the SARS-CoV-2 virus structure.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Circulatory System (Grade 10)

Students complete a modification of the blood role play through the heart that the national office developed years ago.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Digestive System (Grade 10)

Students model the digestive system, learning about some of the digestive enzymes and physiology along the way.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Electricity: Harry Potter Type Wands

Students are introduced to a simple circuit and switch with a light bulb, similar to a Harry Potter type wand.

Chemistry Volunteer Activities

The Application of Polymers: Plastics!

Students are introduced to different types of household plastics and the concept of polymers and then complete two related experiments.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Trip To Mars

This activity consists of coding and engineering/physics problems that students go through on how to launch a rocket and get to Mars.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Driving Towards the Future - Virtual

Participants will be introduced to coding and will give instructions to program a car.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Ask A Scientist

A virtual interview with a scientist where volunteers lead an interactive session about themselves, their interest in science, their career path, etc.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Driving Towards the Future

Students will learn about the current topic of self-driving cars and use it as a platform to learn about the big ideas behind computational thinking.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Light and Optics (Grade 10)

A lesson where students use mylar to learn about reflection, and use lasers and fiber to learn about fiber optics.

Earth & Environmental Science Volunteer Activities

Ocean Conservation

This workshop explores how human activities threaten the health of our oceans with a focus on ocean acidification and oil pollution.

Earth & Environmental Science Volunteer Activities

Food for Feathered Friends

Students obtain a fundamental understanding of food chains, food webs, dominant and keystone species by conducting an owl pellet dissection, engaging in a food chain activity and building their own bird feeder.