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Let's Talk Science National Office

Information Technology

Code and Go Mice

Welcome to the science of computational thinking! In this workshop, students learn how to code using a Code and Go Robot Mouse which can be programmed with travel directions to navigate through mazes.

Information Technology

Code and Go Mice - Community Event

The goal of this activity is for students to program a mouse to get from the starting position to the cheese wedges without going on squares occupied by cats or mouse traps.


Quite a Combo! Let's Talk Combinatorics

Explore combinations, permutations and why math is relevant in everyday life.


How to Shapeshift: Molecular Edition

Students will be able to further their knowledge of organic chemistry through further understanding the four main organic compound groups and how they can change!

Health Sciences

The Kinesiology Kit (Move it! and Skeleton Science)

This workshop focuses on two main topics within the field of Kinesiology: exercise and the Skeletal System.

Health Sciences

Valuable Vaccines - A Myth-busting Workshop!

This workshop will teach students how vaccines work and the importance of vaccines to human public health.

Information Technology

Coding with Ozobots

Students will learn some foundational programming concepts and develop computational thinking skills through several screen-free activities.

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Exploring Ecosystems

This hands-on activity explores how to analyze the components of an ecosystem using the scientific tool of the mesocosm. Students will construct a mesocosm to investigate how climate change may affect the sustainability of an ecosystem.

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Ecosystems in a Jar

Make a sustainable ecosystem for your organism(s) in a sealed environment - with no access to oxygen or external factors such as rain, air and pollution.

Information Technology

The use of AI in healthcare

Learners will use their knowledge of AI to ponder and complete a consequence map about the use of AI in the healthcare sector, through exploring a real-life scenario.

Information Technology

Secret Handshake

Learners develop computational thinking skills through creating a secret handshake.

Information Technology

Can you guess this number?

Learners try to guess their partner’s number by asking the least number of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

Information Technology

Step Counter

Learners create a Micro:bit step counter using Make Code.

Information Technology

What's in a Face?

Learners will use their knowledge of AI and how facial filters work to explore the pros and cons of this rapidly advancing technology.

Information Technology

Code Shapes in Scratch

Learners develop decomposition, pattern recognition and algorithmic thinking by using their knowledge of simple geometric figures to code shapes in Scratch.