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University of Ottawa

Health Sciences

Circulatory System (Grade 5)

Learn about the human circulatory system and make your own scab!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Water Filtration

Students design a water filter to separate a mixture.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges (Grade 7)

Students are introduced to form and function of structures and then build a bridge given certain limitations.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges, Strong and Stable Structures - Virtual Outreach

Students will get to learn about what a structure is and what materials can be used to build a strong and stable bridge.


Cylinders and Everyday Structures (Grade 1)

Test different structures to see how strong they are!

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Cylinders and Shapes (Grade 3)

Students use paper and build different shaped columns, test them for strength, and are then challenged to make 4 columns using only paper that will hold the most weight.


Elements and Compounds

A hands-on activity set focused on elements and compounds and their use in everyday life.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Fat, Fur and Feathers

Students explore whether fat, fur and feathers keep them warm on snow/ice.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Electricity: Harry Potter Type Wands

Students are introduced to a simple circuit and switch with a light bulb, similar to a Harry Potter type wand.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Conservation of Energy

Students learn about conservation of energy, measure the bounce of a ball at different heights and then use elastic potential energy to make a paper glider fly having kinetic energy.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Butterfly Life Cycle (With Video)

Students build a life cycle of a butterfly and then watch a 10 minute clip from the Carleton University Butterfly Show.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Digestive System (Grade 5)

Students model how food travels through our digestive system and do a digestive system art work.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Balloon Cars and Pompom Poppers

Students build pompom poppers and balloon cars to learn about forces causing movement.

Health Sciences

Heart Rate

Learn about heart rate and why it is elevated during exercise.

Health Sciences

Blood Clots

This activity demonstrates the process of coagulation.