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Wildlife Management

Coyote walking through a park in Quebec

Coyotes: Coming to a town near you?

Learn why coyotes are spreading in Canada and how this affects their relations with humans.

A beaver looks up from the water. Image © Jillian Cooper,

Canadian Invaders!

Beavers are a Canadian symbol. But in South America, they’re considered an invasive species.

Fred Sheppard | Agent de développement de produits, expérience des visiteurs

Fred Sheppard

Visitor Experience Product Development Officer

Fred Sheppard is a visitor experience product development officer for Parks Canada.
Karine Duffy | Coordonnatrice du programme d’intendance de l’habitat

Karine Duffy

Habitat Stewardship Program Coordinator

Karine Duffy is the Habitat Stewardship Program Coordinator for the Canadian Wildlife Service.