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The Nature of Science

What is science? In this activity, youth learn about the different ways of studying the world around us. They will use the scientific method to design and test an alka seltzer rocket.


Transportation and the Environment - Virtual Edition

In this workshop, students examine current and potential energy sources used for transportation, learn about fuel cell cars, explore the various types of fuels used in transportation and design their own vehicle.


Structures against Extreme Weather

Students design and build a structure that protects toy people from a hurricane.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges (Grade 7)

Students are introduced to form and function of structures and then build a bridge given certain limitations.

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Bridges, Strong and Stable Structures - Virtual Outreach

Students will get to learn about what a structure is and what materials can be used to build a strong and stable bridge.


Cylinders and Everyday Structures (Grade 1)

Test different structures to see how strong they are!

Engineering Volunteer Activities

Cylinders and Shapes (Grade 3)

Students use paper and build different shaped columns, test them for strength, and are then challenged to make 4 columns using only paper that will hold the most weight.


Beaver Dam Building Challenge (Short)

Using simple materials, students are challenged to build a small beaver dam.



This activity is a design challenge to build a backscratcher. 


Paper Chain Challenge

Students are challenged to build the longest paper chain possible!


Straw Tower Challenge

Build a tower only out of straws!


Paper Building Blocks

Explore the strength of triangles!


Walking Through Paper

Learn how to cut a hole in a sheet of paper, big enough to walk through!

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Food Security

Take on the role of Urban planner to design a system and resources to increase local access to food.

Physics Volunteer Activities

High Flyers

Students explore various aspects of flight and apply their knowledge by designing and testing paper planes.