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The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change

Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

Satellites orbiting Earth

Introduction to Satellites

Learn about the history, functions, and types of satellites.

Marty Robitaille pilotant un aéroglisseur

Marty Robitaille

Hovercraft Captain

Windy hillside

Weather: Wind

Learn what causes wind and how to measure it.

Weather map of Canada

Weather: Atmospheric Pressure

Learn about the layers of the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure, pressure systems and fronts.

Soonwoong Kwon | Spécialiste en météorologie tactique (SMT)

Soonwoong Kwon

Tactical Weather Specialist (TWS)

Soonwoong Kwon is a Tactical Weather Specialist (TWS) for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Joint Meteorological Centre (JMT).
Keven Bruce | Tactical Weather Specialist

Keven Bruce

Tactical Weather Specialist

Kevin Bruce is a Tactical Weather Specialist for the Canadian Armed Forces.
Holly Wortman | Technicienne en météorologie

Holly Wortman

Meteorological Technician

Holly Wortman is a Meteorological Technician for the Canadian Armed Forces.
Alan Bezanson | Instructeur principal en météorologie

Alan Bezanson

Senior Meteorological Instructor

Alan Bezanson is a Senior Meteorological Instructor for the Canadian Forces School of Meteorology.
Weather Map

Why is the weather so hard to predict?

Meteorologists use computer models to predict the weather. Learn why, despite advances in computer science, meteorologists still get it wrong sometimes.

ChaoticMind75 - iStock

Why is it colder in the winter even though the Earth is closer to the Sun?

Learn why we have seasons in this hands on activity.

Stratus Clouds

Weather: Stratus Clouds

5 images of stratus clouds that cover a wide horizontal layer in the sky at low level and are often associated with rain or drizzle

Fluffy snow on deciduous tree

Weather: Snow

10 images of some snowflake crystals and some winter scenes with snow

Cumulus Clouds

Weather: Cumulus Clouds

5 images of cumulus clouds that are white, puffy clouds with a flat base at mid level and are often associated with fair weather