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Car-shaped lake in a vast green forest

Can you design a sustainable vehicle?

Design a transportation vehicle which can be made or powered sustainably.

Anindya Kumar Ghosal headshot

Anindya Kumar Ghosal (he/him)

Senior Product Team Lead (Chemical Engineer)

I create chemicals that are added to gasoline so it will burn cleaner in the automobile’s engine.
Fleet of autonomous trucks driving on reserved lane

A Case Study of Autonomous Trucks

In this case study, teachers and students will study how artificial intelligence is affecting the trucking industry as a way to explore how technology and society are related.

Steering wheel and dashboard of a 2021 Cadillac Escalade

The Next Chapter in Automotive Advancements

Learn how new technologies are driving the cars of the future.

Camion de transport sur le lieu de travail de Kevin

Kevin Donovan

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Donovan is the Chief Operating Officer for McConnell Transport Ltd.
Photo de Tailor Robicheau au travail

Tailor Robicheau

Automotive Apprentice Technician

Tailor Robicheau is an Automotive Apprentice Technician for the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation.
Allison Rumbolt | Pilote d’hélicoptère

Allison Rumbolt

Helicopter Pilot

Allison Rumbolt is a Helicopter Pilot for Cougar Helicopters, St. John’s, NL.
What kinds of transportation are there?

What kinds of transportation are there?

Go on a transportation scavenger hunt in this hands-on activity. How many different types of vehicles can you identify?

Photo de Thomas Anstey arborant son diplôme d'études

Thomas Anstey

3rd Officer/Junior DPO

Thomas Anstey works as a 3rd Officer/Junior DPO in the Great Banks of Newfoundland.
Shane Chambers | Instructeur de pilotes et d’équipes au sol/Coordonnateur de personnel de piste

Shane Chambers

Pilot and Ground Instructor/Ground Crew Coordinator

Shane Chambers is a Pilot and Ground Instructor/Ground Crew Coordinator for Great Lakes Helicopter.