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Financial Management

Close up Businessman using calculator and cell phone for do math finance on wooden desk in office and business working background

Petter Wiberg (he/him)

Managing Director

I use my math and computer science background in the financial industry.
Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe headshot

Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Chartered Financial Analyst

I help small companies grow their business and succeed in the marketplace.
Peter Noel

Peter Noel

Business Development Partner

I help new financial advisors develop their skills so they can help their clients make good financial decisions.
Camion de transport sur le lieu de travail de Kevin

Kevin Donovan

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Donovan is the Chief Operating Officer for McConnell Transport Ltd.
Bonnie Douglas

Bonnie Douglas

Project Coordinator

Bonnie Douglas is a Project Coordinator for the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT).
Connor Doyle

Connor Doyle

Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Connor Doyle is the Manager of Regulatory Affairs for Olympia Trust Company.
Amy King dans un studio d'enregistrement

Amy King

Music Producer / Recording Engineer

Amy King is a Music Producer / Recording Engineer for Grant Avenue Studio.
Frank Ryan | Vice-président, régimes collectifs et pensions

Frank Ryan

VP – Group Benefits & Pensions

Frank Ryan is the VP of Group Benefits & Pensions for Ryco Financial.
Benjamin Klein

Benjamin Klein

Portfolio Manager & Director, Financial Planning

Benjamin Klein is a Portfolio Manager & Director of Financial Planning for Baskin Wealth Management.
Choosing a credit card

Choosing a Credit Card

Students will identify and distinguish between different types of credit cards, develop an understanding of credit cards costs and features, and learn how to shop for a credit card.


Mandy Rennehan (Video)

Blue Collar CEO & Founder

Mandy Rennehan is the Blue-Collar CEO & Founder of Freshco.
Hilda Broomfield Letemplier

Hilda Broomfield Letemplier

President/Chief Financial Officer

Hilda Letemplier is the president/chief financial officer of Pressure Pipe Steel Fabrication Ltd.
Marieve Lavigne | Gestionnaire, expansion des comptes, Groupe Desjardins

Marieve Lavigne

Manager, Account Development

Marieve Lavigne is a Manager of Account Development for Desjardins Group.
Clarence Synard | Vice-président, NCC Development Limited

Clarence Synard

Vice President

Clarence Synard is the vice president at NCC Development Limited.
Anthony Davis - Owner of Start-up Strategies

Anthony Davis (Video)

Business Entrepreneur

Anthony Davis is a Business Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.