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Scientific Integrity

Scientific Integrity


Let’s Talk Science operates in a rapidly changing research environment and the organization’s goal when developing programs and resources is to use the most current science that is supported by a majority of the scientific community and to reflect a balance of diverse scientific views.

Let’s Talk Science’s educational mission is underpinned by a commitment to provide thorough, balanced and up-to-date scientific information. We are passionate defenders of the importance of scientific understanding and inquiry and are committed to operating with transparency, presenting content founded on scientific research, in unbiased ways.

While our supporters may contribute to defined projects and program areas where our educational mission matches their expertise, Let’s Talk Science holds to the core principle that financial support will not influence the nature of the scientific information in our programming or content. Any opinions and points of view presented in our programming or in the content of our resources, when presented from an individual’s point of view, will clearly be identified as their own.

We understand that scientific inquiry builds knowledge and our goal is to develop creative critical thinkers who have the tools and information to form their own evidence-based opinions.

Read the full Let’s Talk Science Scientific Integrity Policy.