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Celebrate the great outdoors this summer

Join us in celebrating all of the wonders of the natural world through learning and exploration this summer. 

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Clothing4Climate Educator Guide

Clothing4Climate is a free project-based learning experience for your students to study the impacts of the clothing industry on climate change and how they can take action to enable change.



Tomatosphere™ is a hands-on program that builds scientific inquiry and experimentation skills. Investigate the effects of outer space on seed germination with your students.

Shown are two colour, cartoon-style images of the same city street, side by side.


Travel4Climate gets students working together and exploring innovative solutions and emerging technologies to improve their communities. It’s a project about challenging the narrative of what transportation means and proposing a new path forward.



What motivates teens to climate action?

Instead of assuming how to motivate teens in climate action, we asked them. More than 900 told us what they want – here’s their insights.

Climate Action Lab powered by Let’s Talk Science is a youth-led research initiative to uncover barriers that prevent youth from taking climate action and daylight opportunity areas for climate action programming that is relevant to them.

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