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Brain Buster Virtual Quiz

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Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Students participate in a series of exciting virtual quizzes.

The Brain Buster comprises of 10 virtual weekly quizzes in a family or group friendly format. Each quiz is individually themed and includes 12 questions. You can choose to organize as many quizzes as you feel comfortable, there is no minimum or mandatory number of quizzes you should focus on. 

This virtual outreach activity is split into a manual - i.e., workshop overview with preparation instructions for the volunteer. Additional resources such as gameboards, templates and guidelines can be found in this Google Drive folder.

What You Need

You will need a space that will allow you to comfortably lead the virtual quiz, a stable internet connection, a desktop computer with 1-2 desktop screens, a webcam and a headset with microphone.

The virtual quiz kit includes a PowerPoint presentation, also referred to as a Gameboard, that will help with the timing and flow of the event. This activity kit includes sample Gameboards and one Gameboard template for your own use in case you want to create a quiz based on a different topic. The Gameboards can also be accessed by following this link


Brain Buster templates and guidelines: 

Safety Notes

As a Let’s Talk Science volunteer, safety must be foremost in our minds during all activities. As science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) role models, volunteers must also model safe science practices at all times.

All activities must follow the Live Virtual Outreach Guide, the Online content guidelines, the Safe Activities and Presentations Guidelines and the Interaction with Minors Policy (not being alone with minors, even virtually). These are located in the Volunteer Portal and the Volunteer Training Workbook.

What To Do

Be sure to go through the PowerPoint presentation thoroughly prior to the quiz as it is a mix of instructions, questions, multiple choices, and other interactive components. We recommend doing a trial run through so you are comfortable with the PowerPoint, timing and script. Please note that it was developed for virtual quizzes hosted on Zoom so it includes information on Zoom features. If you are using a different software or hosting solution, make sure to update this information in the PowerPoint presentation.

All scripts, speaking notes, and follow-along hand signals are located within this manual and can be included in the PowerPoint notes. To create a script ensure you refer to the manual for instructions on how to do so.

The Gameboards included in the virtual activity kit each have at least 12 questions. If developing new Gameboards, we suggest including at least one question for each of the articles in the reading list.