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What does a Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer do?

Hands-on STEM in Classrooms & Communities

Let's Talk Science Outreach is a national, community-based program connecting educators and youth with outstanding volunteers to deliver a wide variety of meaningful STEM activities for children as young as three years old and youth up to Grade 12.

Locally, each Let’s Talk Science Outreach site offers unique hands-on workshops for community groups, libraries, summer camps, after-school programs and community festivals. To request an Outreach visit for your classroom or community event, contact the post-secondary site closest to you.

Let’s Talk Science Volunteers - Catalysts for Learning

Can any grade receive a visit from Let’s Talk Science Outreach?

We’re happy to offer exciting hands-on/minds-on activities for Early Years to Grade 12 students.

How much does a visit from Let’s Talk Science Outreach cost?

Thanks to our generous donors, visits from our volunteers are offered at no cost to you!

Does Let’s Talk Science Outreach visit rural or remote areas?

We believe all children across Canada should have access to exciting, hands-on STEM learning experiences. Bringing our volunteers to your school or community is offered at no cost to you.

Contact us or the Let’s Talk Science Outreach site closest to you for more information and availability.

Is Let’s Talk Science Outreach available in French?

We’re proud to offer Let’s Talk Science Outreach in both official languages! However, the availability of French outreach is location dependent, please contact your local site or contact us for more information.


Did you know?

Let's Talk Science Outreach is located at more than 50 post-secondary institutions from coast to coast to coast!

Meet Our Volunteers

  • Olivia Louf

    Olivia Louf Let’s Talk Science Donor Industry-Based Volunteer with SAP Canada Inc.

    Olivia is a Delivery Manager with SAP Canada Inc. She translates career profiles and CurioCity articles for Let’s Talk Science!

    Read more about Olivia Louf
  • Waylon DeCoteau

    Waylon DeCoteau Let’s Talk Science Coordinator and Volunteer at First Nations University of Canada

    As a Coordinator and Volunteer, Waylon loves creating an opportunity for youth to participate and get lost in the awesome world of STEM!

    Read more about Waylon DeCoteau
  • Sammy Crowley

    Sammy Crowley Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at Memorial University

    Sam has volunteered and coordinated Let’s Talk Science programs. She loves the Super Science Challenge because of the creativity that kids use in their designs!

    Read more about Sammy Crowley
  • Lawrence Ostroff

    Lawrence Ostroff Let’s Talk Science Donor Industry-based Volunteer from SAP North America Inc.

    Lawrence is a SAP North America Inc. employee who has been volunteering with Let’s Talk Science for 5 years. He enjoys supporting STEM education and computer science topics.

    Read more about Lawrence Ostroff
  • Brian Ng

    Brian Ng Let’s Talk Science Online and Outreach Volunteer at the University of British Columbia

    As a pharmacy student, Brian volunteers online and in the classroom! Brian volunteers with Let’s Talk Science to make science accessible and to influence youth to pursue higher education and a career in STEM!

    Read more about Brian Ng
  • Véronique Brulé

    Véronique Brulé Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at McGill University

    Véronique is an ambassador for science who has volunteered with Let’s Talk Science Outreach for 2 years and wants to inspire the next generation of scientists!

    Read more about Véronique Brulé