National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

2019 Award Winner:
Kristine Macalinao, University of Manitoba

Kristine Macalinao

Kristine has been volunteering with Let’s Talk Science for 3 years! She is passionate about high school outreach and is committed to contributing to causes that help as many students as possible, have an easier transition into post-secondary.

2019 Runners-Up:

Runner-up: Alanna Jane, University of Ottawa

Alanna is passionate about STEM education and outreach. She has a very personal approach to outreach activities and adjusts activities to make them more applicable to students. She has helped adapt and translate kits at the University of Ottawa for the French classes.

Runner-up: Jennifer Lord, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Jennifer is dedicated to making a difference in her community by spreading STEM to schools and communities that do not have access to outreach opportunities. Since November 2018, she has done 16 outreach programs, allowing her to each over 300 youth, and she is not done yet! 

Runner-up: Elizabeth Walden, University of Ottawa

Elizabeth takes initiative to enhance materials and develop activities for her site! She helped lead the organization of CSI day, where 100 students explore forensic sciences. She also influences others to become involved with science outreach at the University of Ottawa. 

Runner-up: Peter Zhou, University of Calgary

Peter started out participating in the Let’s Talk Science Mentorship program at the University of Toronto. When he returned to Calgary, he remained actively involved with Let’s Talk Science! Peter’s passion for science advocacy has played a tremendous role in both building relationships between Let’s Talk Science and various organizations and improving student experiences.

Past Winners:
  • 2018 – Jade Atkins, Carleton University
  • 2017 - Jennifer Neufeld, University of Ottawa
  • 2016 – Portia Kalun, McMaster University
  • 2015 – Curtis McCloskey, University of Ottawa
  • 2014 – Sue McKee, University of Ottawa
  • 2013 – Li Wang, University of Saskatchewan
  • 2012 – Gabriel Potvin, University of Ottawa
  • 2011 – Sara Rafferty, University of Ottawa