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Watch the video below to learn about the different ways that our clothing production and use impacts the environment.

Fashion is a major part of our lives and the construction of our identities, but it can also have a major impact on the environment.

How can one person’s actions make a difference, even around a problem as big as climate change? How can ripples extend from an idea into social change?

Illustration of the social ripple effect
How the social ripple works
Audio file
Social ripple of one person's action

The ripple effect starts with one person with a light bulb over their head, representing them taking action. Drops of water fall down from the person.The drops splash into ripples as the action spreads. The ripples of water continue to expand and move down the page as the following happens: The person’s friends and family get inspired. Other people form groups and protest for social change. People share the ways that they are taking action on social media. These social media posts reach influencers who share them with a wider audience. All of this leads to people buying more responsibly. This impacts what stores sell. People are inspired to start businesses that will make a difference. People investigate solutions and share what they learn. This leads to people voting for elected officials that want to make systemic change. All of this leads to the government passing laws to enact change.

We sometimes feel that our individual actions don’t matter. But social change has to start somewhere. Your actions can lead to systemic change.


Many young people are already working to reduce the environmental impacts of clothing. Click the arrows below to see some of the ways that people are working towards change. What are some ways that you could take action?

  • Photo of George Amoh

    George Amoh

    Hey! I am George Amoh and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I am a sustainable fashion entrepreneur and have worked with different brands in promoting earth-friendly lifestyles and fashion habits for a brighter future. My work involves one-of-a-kind designs that tell the beautiful stories of the people behind them. Sustainable fashion is important for me because it allows me to fully express my cultural roots and showcase the beauty and strength in diversity. Check out my instagram @huri_movement and website

  • Noa Elfassy at the thrift shop

    Noa Elfassy

    My name is Noa Elfassy, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I am proud to be a youth ambassador for Fashion Takes Action. I share my passion for sustainable fashion through my Instagram account, @noamadeline. Sustainable fashion is important to me because as an environmentalist and fashion lover, I believe that we should stop mass production and start making use of what we already have.

  • Marta Crosta

    Marta Crosta

    Hi! My name is Marta Crosta. I live in Oslo, Norway but I am from Milan, Italy. In Milan I had started a permanent clothing swap corner, hosted swap parties and designed workshops for schools. I am now an ambassador for Fashion Takes Action and I am also starting to host new courses here in Oslo. I want to be part of the change within the garment industry, for the people working in it and for the environment. You can find me on instagram: @sunflowermartha and TikTok: @thesunflowerplace

  • Tanya Lu headshot

    Tanya Lu

    Hi, my name's Tanya and I'm a youth ambassador at Fashion Takes Action (FTA). I'm currently working with Ms. Jennifer Petursson on My Clothes My World, the youth education branch of FTA, by researching and creating content for the @myclothesmyworld Instagram page as well as reviewing school workshop curriculums! Be sure to check out  @myclothesmyworld if you're interested in learning more about sustainable fashion! 

  • Malika Nagpal

    Malika Nagpal

    Hi! My name is Malika Nagpal. I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I am a sustainable fashion blogger and a Youth Ambassador for Fashion Takes Action. On my Instagram (@thefashionespresso) I focus on educating people about sustainable fashion by sharing new information in the sustainable fashion space that may get overlooked by the hype and popular trends on social media.

  • headshot of a woman with dark hair and a black blazer

    Indra Bishnoi

    Hi, my name is Indra Bishnoi! I live in London, Ontario. I am the founder of Jeo by Indra, a sustainable clothing brand inspired by South Asian heritage. I’m using my brand to have important conversations about environmental sustainability and ethical production, and to inspire my diverse community to experience the endless possibilities of sustainable fashion. Join the conversation and meet fellow earth-lovers on my Instagram @jeobyindra and stop by my website!

Are you ready to take action? Start here!