Our Projects

Natural curiosity and the thrill of discovery engages participants in Let’s Talk Science’s national science projects. Available for all grade levels, these projects are based on real scientific problems; there are no “right or wrong” answers and no prescribed outcomes, students build their inquiry and questioning skills and contribute to the greater scientific community.

Living Space class in Space
Participating classes will explore how indoor environmental conditions influence human health, and identify the best conditions for healthy living. This knowledge is important not only on Earth, but also on the International Space Station (ISS), the future Lunar Gateway, and as long-duration space travel progresses, maybe even on Mars!
Let’s Talk Science volunteer works on the Tomatosphere project with three students.
Through Tomatosphere™, your students will investigate the effects of outer space on the germination of tomato seeds. This is a hands-on program that builds scientific inquiry and experimentation skills.
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Student uses a pipet to extract DNA with other students looking on.
Senior biology students use a DNA barcoding kit to test local grocery store fish samples, and discover if the fish they bought is mislabeled and part of food fraud!