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Career Videos

Career Videos

Erin McConnell | Postdoctoral Fellow

Erin McConnell (Video)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Erin McConnell is a Postdoctoral Fellow for Yingfu Li at McMaster University.
Danika Strecko | Gestionnaire de l’éducation océanique

Danika Strecko (Video)

Manager of Ocean Literacy

Danika Strecko is the Manager of Ocean Literacy for Ocean Wise.
Thomas Merritt | Full Professor

Thomas Merritt (Video)

Full Professor in Genomics and Bioinformatics

Thomas Merritt is a Full Professor in Genomics and Bioinformatics for the Canada Research Chair.
Tim Wilkinson Plumber/Welder

Tim Wilkinson (Video)

Plumber/Welder, City Of Toronto

Tim Wilkinson is a Plumber/Welder for the City Of Toronto.

Erin Gonzales (Video)

Baking Entrepreneur

Erin Gonzales is a Baking Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Schuyler Kahgee - Industrial Millwright Apprentice

Schuyler Kahgee (Video)

Industrial Millwright

Schuyler Kahgee is an Industrial Millwright, located in Ontario.
Kevin Hill - Regional Maintainer Forestry

Kevin Hill (Video)

Regional Maintainer

Kevin Hill is a Regional Maintainer, located in Ontario.

Jenn Green (Video)

Maintenance Planner & Scheduler

Jenn Green is a Maintenance Planner & Scheduler, located in Ontario.
Paul Prochilo - CEO, Simplicity Car Care

Paul Prochilo (Video)


Paul Prochilo is the CEO of Simplicity Car Care, located in Ontario.