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Upcoming Visionary Symposiums

The Visionary Symposium Series will inspire, fuel critical thinking about leading-edge technology, and prepare high school students to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Students will have the chance to participate in discussions about emerging topics and learn about fascinating fields such as lunar exploration, and One Health. They will also have a unique opportunity to engage with STEM leaders and hear invaluable tips.

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Let's Talk the Future of Medicine

From lab to bedside and beyond, medicine will look very different in the coming decades. What is the role of technology, data, and ethics in shaping the future of health care? Join us to inform prospective health care workers about what changes await them in care and delivery and to educate youth on the many career paths in the health sector. Find out more.


Let's Talk Food

Food connects us all. As the global population grows, so does the need for food and ‘sustainable agriculture.’ What is sustainable agriculture? What is the role of science in ensuring food security in a changing climate and finite environment? Join us to learn about the practice, implementation and future of food security on a global scale. Find out more.


Scheduled Symposiums for 2023


All About the Arctic: The ArcticNet Mini-Conference

The ArcticNet mini-conference gathers scientists that are part of the ArcticNet scientific network and shares their latest findings with a young audience, along with inspiring fieldwork stories. Come and be an Arctic-passionate with us! Find out more.


Let's Talk Cancer

More information coming soon!


Benefits to students

Two female students smiling at test tube with educator
  • Exposure to current research and STEM applications
  • Inspires youth to explore a diverse range of STEM career options
  • Brings students to a post-secondary campus – a great opportunity to meet role models and see STEM in action (in-person events only)