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Let’s Talk Science Innovation programs nurture youth’s ability to adapt, think critically, instill a sense of agency, and propose solutions to creatively solve the complex challenges in our ever-evolving world.

Innovation programming from Let’s Talk Science spans Early Years to Grade 12. The concepts advance as students develop their innovative mindset and competencies to tackle increasingly complex challenges. Each program can be implemented to complement the curriculum or used independently as a unit, project or event.

The Benefits of Innovation in Education


Foster Critical Thinking:

Encourage young minds to think critically and analytically.


Nurture Problem-Solving Skills:

Learn how to identify and tackle problems to develop resilience and resourcefulness.


Encourage Creativity and Imagination:

Think outside the box, explore new ideas, and express their unique perspectives.


Prepare Youth for the Future of Work:

By learning about innovation from a young age, youth are better prepared for future careers because they develop the adaptability and mindset needed to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and technology-driven world.


Promote Resilience and a Growth Mindset:

Youth learn to view setbacks as learning opportunities, developing resilience and the ability to persevere in the face of challenges.


Foster Collaboration and Communication:

Collaboration skills are essential for teamwork, fostering a cooperative spirit and enabling youth to work collectively towards shared goals.

All Innovation Program Line Up


Resources, Events, Series and Competitions

Design & Build


Let's Talk Science Challenge

Curious Careers

Creativity in STEM

Mission : Innovation


Professional Learning

An Innovator Mindset - Self-Paced Course Collection

Lightning Learning - Grade 4-9 Collection

Lightning Learning - Grade 10-12 Collection


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Be an Innovator Insider

By introducing youth to innovation, we create a culture that values and promotes creativity, experimentation, and forward thinking. This culture fosters a sense of curiosity, open‑mindedness, and continuous improvement - driving innovation in various aspects of life.

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