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That’s a Real Job!

That’s a Real Job!

That's a Real Job Videos

They may seem out there, but these are real jobs! Or they will be very soon… Farming in space, custom designing 3D-printed organs for transplant, or building robots that do the jobs you don’t want to do - that’s not science fiction, that’s a real job!

AI Ethical Counsellor

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Who keeps all this technology in check?


Real-life Computer Science Careers

Ethical Hacker

Hackers aren’t always the bad guys, sometimes they are the heroes!


Real-life Cyber Security and Computer Science Careers

Space Farmer

Before we can make a living in space, we need to figure out how to live in space.

Real-life Space and Agriculture Careers

Robotics Engineer

We have come a long way in robotics engineering, and for now we are still the ones calling the shots.

Real-life Robotics careers

Organ Designer

How long before you can order a new heart online? The Tin Man would approve.

Real-life Medical Technology careers