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Our volunteers are talented post-secondary students, industry experts, faculty, staff and online volunteers who are dedicated to inspiring youth to engage in STEM across Canada.

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Meet Our Volunteers

  • Mitaali Taskar

    Mitaali Taskar Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at McGill University

    Mitaali became a Let’s Talk Science volunteer to share her passion for science and inspire a new generation of scientists!

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  •  Emily O’Donnelle

    Emily O’Donnelle Volunteer for Let’s Talk Science Outreach at the Université de Moncton

    As an aspiring teacher and volunteer, Emily has become a more confident presenter through volunteering and enjoys inspiring youth with fun science and math activities!

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  • Portia Kalun

    Portia Kalun Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at McMaster University

    Portia has volunteered with Let’s Talk Science for 5 years and enjoys seeing the excitement of kids when they participate in fun, hands-on activities!

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  • Emilie Leneveu

    Emilie Leneveu Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at Loyalist College

    Emilie has been a volunteer with Let’s Talk Science for three years and loves sparking curiosity in youth!

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  • Damitha Gunathilake

    Damitha Gunathilake Let’s Talk Science Online Volunteer

    Damitha writes and reviews science articles on Let’s Talk Science’s websites. She enjoys making complicated science topics easy to understand.

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  • Rania Khelifi

    Rania Khelifi Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at Simon Fraser University

    Rania has delivered many Let’s Talk Science workshops and feels the best way to help promote the sciences to youth is through engaging programs that enable curiosity and discovery!

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