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Our volunteers are talented post-secondary students, industry experts, faculty, staff and online volunteers who are dedicated to inspiring youth to engage in STEM across Canada.

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Meet Our Volunteers

  • Biswa Patra

    Biswa Patra Let’s Talk Science volunteer at the University of Saskatchewan

    Biswa enjoys doing classroom visits with all different types of Let’s Talk Science workshops and activities.

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  • Jessica Wilson  - Volunteer

    Jessica Wilson Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at Dalhousie University

    Jessica loves finding ways to integrate arts and sciences into her work!

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  • Shiva Zargar

    Shiva Zargar Let’s Talk Science volunteer at the University of British Columbia

    Shiva is continually inspired as a volunteer by seeing the excitement and curiosity for science in students’ eyes.

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  • Amanda Yokingco

    Amanda Yokingco Let’s Talk Science volunteer at the University of Toronto – Scarborough

    Amanda aims to make STEM accessible to a diverse range of students through youth-centered STEM outreach with Let’s Talk Science!

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  • Brennan Chow

    Brennan Chow Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at the University of Calgary

    Brennan uses his video creation expertise to film and edit training videos for the University of Calgary Outreach site!

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  • Shreyas A Colaco

    Shreyas A Colaco Let’s Talk Science Professional Volunteer from Boeing Global Services

    While testing the new careers website for Let’s Talk Science, Shreyas was inspired by the myriad of career paths available to explore!

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