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Featured Volunteers

Featured Volunteers

Our volunteers are talented post-secondary students, industry experts, faculty, staff and online volunteers who are dedicated to inspiring youth to engage in STEM across Canada.

Learn more about our incredible volunteers below.

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Meet Our Volunteers

  • Alanna Parker

    Alanna Parker Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at the University of Waterloo

    “The chance to be able to provide workshops to students from my town and being able to share my passion with them was super inspiring to me.”

    Read more about Alanna Parker
  • Janine Dicks

    Janine Dicks Let’s Talk Science Donor Volunteer from ExxonMobil Canada

    “I am inspired every time I see a student glowing from excitement when they talk about how much they enjoy STEM topics, take part in an experiment or learn a new fact!”

    Read more about Janine Dicks
  • Nir El

    Nir El Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at Mount Allison University

    “It is always inspiring when I see children helping each other overcome challenges and learn together.”

    Read more about Nir El
  • Shelby Law

    Shelby Law Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at the University of Guelph

    “Seeing the way the mentees in the 2021 SciComm Camp supported and encouraged each other reminded me how important community and belonging is in learning.”

    Read more about Shelby Law
  • Arshpreet Manku

    Arshpreet Manku Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at Simon Fraser University

    “Seeing the pure joy and excitement in the child’s face brightened my day and reminded me why mentoring and interacting with the youth is so important.”

    Read more about Arshpreet Manku
  • Nisha Sivaharan

    Nisha Sivaharan Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at York University

    “I volunteer with Let’s Talk Science because I’m really passionate about science and want to spread this passion to our current youth.”

    Read more about Nisha Sivaharan