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Our volunteers are talented post-secondary students, industry experts, faculty, staff and online volunteers who are dedicated to inspiring youth to engage in STEM across Canada.

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Meet Our Volunteers

  • Drew Lewis

    Drew Lewis Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at Fanshawe College

    Drew believes that cooking is an excellent way to perform science experiments at home!

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  • Maude Beaulieu

    Maude Beaulieu Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer in Montreal, QC

    Maude enjoys volunteering with teens to show them the variety of options available in STEM.

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  • Nadia Bragagnolo

    Nadia Bragagnolo Let’s Talk Science Online and Outreach volunteer at the University of Toronto – St. George

    “Whenever I’m teaching others, I’m reminded of Canada 2067 and how it showed me that different people require many different things from their environment to be able to learn effectively.”

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  • Aneeq Qayyum

    Aneeq Qayyum Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at the University of Victoria

    “One of the reasons I volunteer is to bring my enthusiasm and perspective on the 'E' in 'STEM'. I hope to inspire as many students as I can to pursue a degree in one of those fields.”

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  • Jennifer Lord

    Jennifer Lord Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John campus

    Jennifer’s unforgettable moment with Let’s Talk Science involved inspiring a young girl to think about a future career in forensics through our Crime Lab workshop!

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  • Mitaali Taskar

    Mitaali Taskar Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at McGill University

    Mitaali became a Let’s Talk Science volunteer to share her passion for science and inspire a new generation of scientists!

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