Kimberley St. Pierre showjumping

Kimberley St. Pierre

Director of Strategic Accounts
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Tanya Savory at work

Tanya Savory

Cleaner Fish Coordinator
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Jean Paquin outside

Jean Paquin

Water Resources Analyst Engineer at Rio Tinto
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Natasha Baker at work

Natasha Baker

Incubation, First Feed, and Fry Supervisor
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Pears Evans Headshot

Piers Evans

Municipal Sustainability Coordinator
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Educator writes on a Let’s Talk Science worksheet.

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Careers Videos

Careers videos are another great way to inform your students about the kinds of careers available to them when they pursue STEM skills.

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Two students work on an assignment in their science classroom with a piece of chart paper and a tablet.


These resources aim to highlight how STEM is relevant to youth’s lives and futures.

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