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Living Space

Exploring the optimal environmental conditions for human life

How do you think your Living Space on Earth compares to that of the International Space Station?

Let's Talk Science has partnered with the Canadian Space Agency to help students explore how environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide influence human health and well-being. This knowledge is important not only on Earth, but also on the International Space Station and someday maybe even on the Moon or Mars!

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Astronauts on the International Space Station

Classroom Inquiry

Identify, measure and record the environmental variables that affect physical and mental health in the classroom and on the International Space Station (ISS).

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Students in classroom working on project

Classroom Improvement

Analyze data and develop an action plan for improving classroom conditions.

Students inputting data

Classroom Report

Evaluate, consolidate and reflect upon the data gathered during the investigation in order to communicate findings using a digital format.


Laptop with Microbit Application

Digital Literacy Activities

Develop computational thinking skills by engaging in micro:bit coding activities related to the Living Space project.

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