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The Prize

Lunar rover being filmed

Your class could be a part of Canada’s space journey

Every team who submits a mission proposal will have the opportunity to win a virtual experience where they can control a real rover in a Lunar-like environment.

The grand prize of the Lunar Rover Research Challenge involves youth taking remote control of a Canadensys Rover prototype and executing their proposed mission. They’ll also meet the team working on the rover and get a virtual tour of Canadensys’ facilities.

You will need a group size between 10 and 30 students to claim the prize and participate in the rover control experience. For example, if your class worked in small teams to enter the competition and one team wins, your entire class will participate in the prize.

No. This experience will be held virtually from the comfort of your classroom. If your class wins, we will work with you to prepare your students and classroom. 

The rover control experience does not require specialized equipment. You will need:

  • At least 10 laptops with Zoom installed
  • a projector or large screen
  • high speed internet capable of video conferencing. 

An orientation for the students to their roles and how to complete the mission is included in the experience. The entire experience will be facilitated by staff from Let’s Talk Science, Canadensys, and Avalon Space to support students through their mission.

As the adult coordinating the experience for your students, you will be required to complete an orientation call with Let’s Talk Science staff to prepare for the activity and run a connectivity test. 

While eventually, Canada will put a rover on the moon, this prototype will be located at the Canadensys’ office in Stratford, Ontario. The rover will be driving in a lunar-like environment designed to mimic the terrain and lighting conditions at the South Pole of the Moon.

Lunar rover wheels

Lunar rover wheels

The first step to winning is to register for this project. Participation in this experience is free.

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