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What is Tomatosphere™


Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques took a selfie with the Tomatosphere™ seeds during his mission to the international space station in 2019. These seeds were distributed (labelled with the letters N&P) to project participants in the spring of 2020.

Tomatosphere™ offers an excellent opportunity to have your students think and act like scientists as they practice their inquiry skills and develop understandings of the nature of science and the concept of a fair test.

In the Tomatosphere™ Seed Investigation, students will plant two groups of seeds and compare the number of seeds that germinate from each. One set of seeds has been sent to the International Space Station, or treated in space like conditions, and the other set, the “control” seeds, have not. 

How do I Participate?

Participation is free! Once registered, educators can order seeds for their classroom, community group or homeschool program.

You can order seeds each year to be shipped across Canada in the fall, spring or summer. Learn more and register on the Tomatosphere™ website at


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How to Launch the Project

Does exposure to space affect the germination rate of tomato seeds? Through Tomatosphere™'s Seed Investigation, students can find out!

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