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Resources by Topic

Below are some resources to help you and your students learn background information on plants and space.


Package of seeds

Seeds and Germination


Learn what’s inside a tomato seed, how it travels, and all the things it needs to germinate and grow.

Maturation of tomato fruit

The Life Cycle of a Tomato Plant


Learn about the pollination, fertilization, germination and growth of tomato plants.

Seedling with sunlight

Light & Plants


Learn about the process of photosynthesis and how it is affected by light levels.


Tomatoes of different shapes, sizes and colours

Tomato Taxonomy


A look at the taxonomic classification of the tomato plant and the origin, history and development of tomatoes.

Vegetables and fruits on display

Plant Pigments


Why are there so many colours of plants? Learn about plant pigments and their role in plants.

Pepper plants on the ISS

Tropisms in Plants


Learn about the different ways that plants move in response to their environments.


Water droplets on a leaf

Needs of Plants


Plants have specific needs - light, air, water, nutrients, and space - to survive and reproduce.





Red soil on the surface of Mars

Soil on Mars


Learn how soil is different on Mars than on Earth, and what that means for growing plants on the red planet.

The face of the planet Mars (NASA)

Destination Mars


Discover how space agencies have explored the Red Planet in the past and present and learn about the future of human spaceflight to the red planet.

Astronaut standing on Mars with Earth in the background

Earth vs. Mars


Learn about the characteristics of the Earth and Mars, two planets in our Solar System.


NASA Environmental Control and Life Support System

Life Support in Space - Closed Systems


Learn how astronauts survive in the International Space Station.