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Tomato seeds on a white background

Order Seeds


From this page, you can access the order form to register for Tomatosphere™ and order your seeds.

Please note:

  • The project is designed to be flexible to accommodate your schedule. There are three (3) periods, known as seasons, within which you can complete the project: Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • You can only place one order per season, so make sure you register everyone who wants to participate, or get them to register themselves later.
  • The shipping date will vary based on the season (details below), so make sure you are ordering for the season in which you want to receive seeds.
    • For example, if you want to receive your seeds to plant them in the spring but you are ordering in September, select the Spring season. However, if you want to plant the seeds in November, select the Fall season. If you are not sure which season to select, contact us at

Choose a Season and Register


You can register between May 1 and December 1. You will receive your seeds between September and December. 

Register for Fall


You can register between September 1 and May 31. You will receive your seeds between March and May.


You can register between June 1 and July 15. You will receive your seeds between June and July.

Register for Summer