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All about Microplastics: The Fall of Dr. Mike Roe Plastic

Join us in this first chapter of “Protecting the Planet with Eric and Dominique.” Click through the flipbook below to learn about how Eric and Dominique learn more about microplastic pollution and take action to address this problem. 

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Consider the following questions after reading this comic

What were the three superpowers that make microplastics so dangerous for ecosystems?

Cartoon image of Dominique's's head

What were some of the ways that the students addressed microplastic pollution?

Cartoon image of Eric's head

What might have happened if Eric and Dominique had only shared this problem with their own school and community? Why was it important to spread the word all around the world?

Dominique chasing Dr. Plastic on top of Planet Earth

Fluffy polyester fleece fabrics shed more microplastics than other fabrics. Why do you think this is? What could you do to reduce pollution from these fabrics?

Dr. Mike Roe Plastic's head

Have you ever noticed pollution in your own community? What types of pollution?

Dominique pictured from the waist up

You can use some of the same strategies that Eric and Dominique used to defeat Dr. Plastic to help solve this problem. Take a look at pages 11-12 for some ways that you could reduce microplastic pollution.

Here are some links to Actions from the Clothing4Climate Project to help you get started:


Design a Filter for Microplastics

Design a prototype of a product for filtering out microfibres from your laundry.

Water passing through nets and filters

Wash Smarter

Reduce microplastic pollution by changing your own washing habits.

Detergent going into a washing machine

Start a Petition

Start a petition encouraging government officials and clothing brands to address microplastic pollution. Research specific actions that you want to advocate for.

Paper being signed by many pens

Rate a Clothing Brand

See how brands are addressing microplastic pollution.

Computer with a smiley face and bar with a check and x mark

Just like Eric and Dominique, you can help out by spreading the word about this problem. Share what you’ve learned through a conversation, social media post, poster, or video. Think about how you can use your strengths and interests to address this problem.

Sharing how you’ve taken action inspires others!