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Lunar Rover Research Challenge

man on moon
man on moon
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Coming Soon! 

Win the chance for your class to control a Canadensys lunar rover prototype in a simulated mission on the moon! 

How do I participate?

Your class will be challenged to work as a team to develop a research proposal for lunar exploration that will be judged by a panel of experts with the winner controlling the rover prototype.​​​

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Lunar Rover Canadensys
Canadensys Lunar Rover

To support participating teams as they develop their research proposals, Let’s Talk Science education specialists have developed a collection of fun and easy-to-implement Mission Goals lessons and activities in collaboration with space exploration experts at Canadensys Aerospace and Avalon Space.

During the Mission Goals lessons, students will learn about:

  • The Lunar Gateway and lunar surface exploration,
  • Canada’s role in space exploration,
  • The types of technology used for exploration on the Moon.

This material will help educators and their students understand what is known and unknown about the Moon, so they can formulate plausible research goals such as identifying potential water sources and other resources that could be the key to humans living on the Moon.

The lessons are designed to take approximately three to five hours of total in-class instructional time, including preparing for the student submission. 

The competition will run in the Fall and Spring with winners being selected for each period. 

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