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Four Harvard training aircraft

How Planes Fly

Learn about what gets planes up in the air, what keeps them up there, and what brings them down again.

Image showing the physics of flight on a drone.

Resources on Physics and Aerospace

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to physics and aerospace.

Eric and his rocket

ScienceXplosion - The Era of the Air Pump

On this episode of ScienceXplosion, Eric makes a bottle rocket.

Boy on bicycle

How Can I Go Faster on My Bike?

You don’t have to pedal harder to go faster. You just have to understand a little bit about gravity, drag and friction!

Teenage boys arm wrestling at school

Arm Wrestling and Torque

Arm wrestling isn’t just a test of strength. It’s also a test of how well you understand torque.

A group of teens riding bicycles

How Can Understanding Physics Help Me Go Faster on My Bike?

You don’t have to pedal harder to go faster. You just have to understand a little bit about dynamics, gravitational force and friction!

AeroVelo's winning flight

The Hovering Human

Learn how a team of Canadian engineers used Bernoulli’s Principle to design a human-powered helicopter. It set a world record for human-powered hovering flight!

Wingsuit flying over Massachusetts

Soaring for Sport

Ever dreamed if overcoming gravity and flying away? Using aerodynamics, wingsuit jumpers get as close to flight as humanly possible.

How can I make a bottle rocket?

How can I make a bottle rocket?

Use a pop bottle and other everyday materials to create a rocket that you can launch outdoors.

Which materials bounce?

Which materials bounce?

Balls go up and down. But what makes for a good ball? Find out by exploring which materials bounce.

The planet Mars

What is your weight on another planet?

Do you weigh the same on Jupiter as you do on Earth? Learn to calculate your weight on a different planet.

Mars Science Laboratory Parachute Qualification Testing

Testing Parachutes for Mars

NASA engineers apply kinematics and dynamics to test parachutes designed specifically to help space probes land safely using aerodynamics.

A man powers a drone with a remote control. Image © Bestgreenscreen,

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... a Drone!

Drones are very cool and very useful aircraft! This resource explains how drones stay in flight, and outlines some of their uses.

Construction vehicles use hydraulics. Image © Djahan,

Hydraulics 101

Hydraulics power many of the large machines you see around you.