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Circulatory System

Medical equipment used to check homeostasis

Introduction to Homeostasis and Regulation

Learn about homeostasis and how the body regulates temperature, blood pressure, blood pH and blood sugar.

What is in blood?

What is in blood?

Make a model of blood and learn about the function of each of the parts that makes up blood.

Replica of the earliest wooden model stethoscope

Stethoscope Replica

Using stethoscopes, doctors can use sound waves to detect various health issues. Learn how this device has evolved since it was invented in 1816!

Snake with open mouth

How Snake Venom Kills… and Saves Lives

Snake venom can be dangerous for your circulatory system, nervous system or muscular system. But it can also be very useful in medicine.

How fast does a heart pump blood?

How fast does a heart pump blood?

Get active in this activity and explore the impact of exercise on your heart rate. Ready, set, GO!

aging through childhood, adulthood and old age

Have Scientists Found a Way for People to Live Longer?

Everything and everyone ages. But scientists have made discoveries about our cells and circulatory and immune systems that could potentially one day be used to increase human lifespans.

Woman having a panic attack

Chemical Equilibrium and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are scary and they upset your body’s chemical equilibrium. Learn what happens to acids & bases in your circulatory system during a panic attack.

Cocoa beans and cocoa powder

Can Chocolate Make Your Brain Work Better?

Researchers have found that consuming foods rich in flavanols is linked to more efficient blood flow, which can improve brain function.

heavy metal band

A Taste of Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is a term for some toxic chemical elements. They can cause problems like bioaccumulation, but are useful in nuclear medicine and medical imaging.