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Electricity Basics

 Old electromagnet

How can I build an electromagnet that moves paperclips?

Design and build an electromagnet which can carry paperclips over a distance of one metre.

Colourful insulating wires

Introduction to Current Electricity

Learn about current electricity and why it should be handled safely

Julie-Claire Hamilton travaillant dans un boîtier de disjoncteurs électriques

Julie-Claire Hamilton

Instructor, Plant Operator Program

Julie-Claire Hamilton is an Instructor of the Plant Operator Program at Selkirk College.
Nichole Rama

Nichole Rama

Civil Inspector

Nichole Rama is a Civil Inspector for British Columbia Hydro.
Roger Bragg à l'extérieur avec un VTT

Roger Bragg

Construction Electrician

Roger Bragg is a Construction Electrician, practicing in Newfoundland.
What uses electricity?

What uses electricity?

Take a tour of different rooms in your home. Which items in each room use electricity? How do you know they use electricity?

Telegraph key used in Metcalfe, Ontario telegraph office (Ingenium)

Telegraph Key

The telegraph works by transmitting signals through an electrical circuit. Learn more and print your own telegraph key using this 3d model of a real artefact.

How can I move water with just a comb?

How can I move water with just a comb?

Have you ever experienced static electricity? Like when you pull a wool sweater over your head in the winter? See what else static electricity can do in this hands-on activity.

Man being struck by lightning

Do Amps or Volts Kill You?

This resource explains electricity basics - volts, amps, currents, resistance, and why it is dangerous to touch electrical outlets with wet hands.

Mitchell Chaulk | Ingénieur informatique et gestionnaire de projet

Mitchell Chaulk

Computer Engineer and Project Manager

Mitchell Chaulk is a Computer Engineer and Project Manager for Solace Power.
Jackie Frampton | Électricienne en construction

Jackie Frampton

Construction Electrician

Jackie Frampton is a construction electrician in Newfoundland.
Brian Camenzuli | Vice-président, conception et études techniques, KARIBU Solar Power

Brian Camenzuli

VP of Design & Engineering

Brian Camenzuli is the VP of design and engineering at KARIBU Solar Power.