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Let’s Talk Science and Canadian Child Care Federation announce partnership focussing on enriching ECE professional learning

Children and teacher playing with blocks
Children and teacher playing with blocks
January 09, 2023

Young children have an innate love for and interest in science because they are naturally curious about the world around them and have no end of questions. We need to nurture that curiosity and foster an inquiry mindset, at an early age, setting up a foundation for learning as they proceed through school. 

Together, Let’s Talk Science and the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) have a tremendous and unique opportunity to develop a generation of young people towards a foundation for learning and who are even better prepared for school entry. Through this close partnership we will work to support all Early Years Educators with professional learning programs and hands-on-activities that focus on the child’s developmental stage and as a precursor to kindergarten using STEM as an effective learning platform in the educator’s practice.

On January 18 the partnership will launch with a professional learning webinar “Discovering Literacy while Exploring the Outdoors” followed by the weekly STEM Storytime Winter Special series that integrates literacy and STEM, so children develop a love for reading from an early age while also exploring topics that build a connection with STEM. A full list of professional learning and early years programs are available at

In recognition of this important partnership all early years educators who attend the January 18 webinar will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of 10 annual CCCF memberships. Register today.