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Through Learning Pathways, educators of all levels can participate in a professional learning journey that builds towards certification in STEM-based concepts.

Our professional learning program is reorganized into certified Learning Pathways 

Through Learning Pathways, educators of all levels can participate in a professional learning journey that builds towards certification in STEM-based concepts. With a focus on engage-practice-reflect, learners merge science, technology, engineering, and mathematics across the curriculum and disciplines to develop a well-rounded approach to their practice that will help to prepare students to be engaged citizens who can transform society with innovative and sustainable solutions.

A learning path is a variety of learning options linked in a structure for learners to progress through three levels: Investing, Developing, and Innovating.

How it works

Through the Learning Pathways you will navigate multiple levels and choices along the journey to achieve milestones. Once all levels are completed you will be recognized as a Let’s Talk Science STEM Certified Educator. These pathways will be tracked using a micro-credentialing tool called Badgr that is easily accessible within the new professional learning sidekick, Canvas.

Benefits of the Learning Pathways program:

  • The Learning Pathways are a mix of required and optional learning experiences through various modes of delivery, including live and self-paced.
  • Learning is modelled in an engage-practice-reflect cycle and scaffolded in a format that will meet an educator’s individual learning and development goals.
  • By following a pathway, educators will obtain the skills, knowledge and confidence required to develop a learning culture and deliver the necessary learning opportunities.
  • By the end of their journey, an educator will feel confident using trusted STEM learning strategies and incorporating core global competencies into their teaching practice.

Learning Pathways Launched!

STEM Cross-Curricular Learning

The STEM Cross-Curricular Pathway focuses on ways to incorporate STEM into your teaching practice holistically. Exploring sustainable development goals, literacy and more, this pathway helps educators discover the interrelationships of all subjects while focusing on tools to approach inquiry, design thinking and problem-solving.

STEM Focused Learning

This pathway focuses on the elements of STEM learning. This pathway will support educators in moving from leaders to facilitators of learning as students focus on contextual problem-solving through the lens of inquiry-based learning, computational thinking, design and build and design thinking.

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More Learning Pathways coming soon!

Technology Enhanced Learning

Discover how to redefine students’ relationship with technology. Educators investigate digital content and seamlessly weave technology into the curriculum to take learning beyond the classroom and shape students who are ready to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Globally Connected Learning

Design learning that is engaging for all of the students we serve. Educators will discover how to reach students by integrating diverse stories, perspectives and worldviews throughout the curriculum that allows students to unlock their potential and understand the world around them.

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