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National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Classroom of kids
Classroom of kids
September 29, 2022

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On the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (NDTR), it is important to explore and understand our history, learn from past mistakes and atrocities, and strive to do better with the goal of building a truly inclusive community. 

At Let’s Talk Science, we are learning about the legacy, impacts and significance of residential schools across the country, which is an essential part of reconciliation. September 30th is a day for reflection and renewal of our commitment to action towards reconciliation.  It also offers the opportunity to reaffirm our support for those who are affected and healing as part of our shared responsibility to develop inclusive relationships that are based on shared values.   

As we progress on our path of reconciliation through partnerships and continuous learning, our respect for Indigenous ways of knowing deepens. Indigenous knowledge systems, while negatively impacted by residential schools, are still intact, vibrant and resilient.  We are committed to building our learnings into our programs and practice.  Recently, staff and educators attending STEM Camp through Let’s Talk Science participated in an activity under the guidance of an Elder, where we braided sweetgrass to remind us that we are stronger together than the individual strands.  Through our learnings, we are better able to understand Indigenous knowledge systems and can help reduce systemic barriers and bring STEM to life in meaningful ways for even more people. With only 6.5 million children and youth in Canada, we cannot afford to leave anyone behind. 

Let’s Talk Science is committed to helping all youth develop the skills and characteristics that will serve them in a world underpinned by science, technology and innovation. That includes recognizing that traditional western science approaches are not alone sufficient. Our ability to shape creative, effective solutions to critical global challenges demands that we widen our perspective and expand our toolkit.  We live at a time that many call “unprecedented” with extreme weather events, global pandemics and rapidly decreasing biodiversity. Addressing these complex problems demands that we draw upon diverse insights and experiences.

Together we will be smarter, stronger and more capable. Learn more about our commitment.

Tammy Webster

Tammy Webster,
Director, Equity

Bonnie Schmidt

Dr. Bonnie Schmidt
President and Founder